19 miles on…

Well, here I am facing the 3 week countdown to the big event, poised with bright pink official race number in hand, old trusted trainers looking tired and worn, and my faithful (luck bringing) skull hairband ready to rock the Manchester Marathon.

There has been a few weeks when my participation was in question, having suffered the ankle injury on a 16 mile run, thinking that a few days and all would be normal again, but ooooohhh nooooo…it appears the body doesn’t work like that – it needs time to repair, time that quite frankly us ‘athletes’ don’t have!! aside from this, I have completely done my poor husbands head in asking ridiculous questions that only a qualified medical professional would be able to answer with the aid of an x-ray, and been what could be described as a bit grumpy and emotional.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m simply aiming to finish the race, not break any world records (unless perhaps for the slowest time without the aid of fancy dress!), but you train hard and put the hours for a marathon and to be faced with the possibility of not doing it so close to the event makes you feel a little bit crotchety to say the least! But enough wallowing….because we are back on track – hooray. I took the decision to see how far I could run up to 19 miles, and if I got over 15 without anything ‘hurting’ I would be ok… I achieved the 19….and everything hurt accept the ankle, so we are good to go!

We have the LONG ONE facing us this weekend – we are attempting 21 miles – da, da, daaaaaaa!! But, I’m trying to remain calm and centred by thinking, once again, anything over 15 would be fine. I’m looking forward to my mapping challenge that lies before me this evening and then eating everything in sight once we’ve completed the run.

I will let you know how I get on….


Marathon frustration

Well, here I am, blog all started, training underway (up to 16 miles) and now….. an injury – Aaaaarrrrggghh…it’s so frustrating! It doesn’t even hurt that much, but when I was running I knew my ankle wasn’t right.

I went to see a great physio last Thursday, but he told me to take a week off training! WHAT!?! After panic text’s to all those I know who run, and ‘I’m going to loose my fitness’ on repeat to my husband, I’m now on a huge countdown to the end of the week so I can get back out there (and so is my poor husband – because a. I’m like a bear with a sore head when I can’t run and b. he doesn’t get that ‘quiet time’ whilst I’m out training!).

It has to be said that I never thought that running would become part of my life in this way – I have my training schedule up on the fridge at home and one pinned to my board in work, both of which I religiously cross off as the runs are done – so to have a week off has caused me much despair. I’ve even taken to mapping runs every night – Mapometer as a source of entertainment surely cannot be healthy!

I do have a word with myself about the fact that there are bigger things in the world than my marathon training, but the very thought of not being able to do the race after all this training and completing it for my charity makes this ‘blip’ hugely frustrating.

By the next time I check in I’m sure I will be back to it – got an 18 miler planned for Saturday and my running buddy is not going to be happy if I don’t make that one – so I’ll think of all the older people that my fundraising efforts will help and crack on!

First Blog

Hello there…welcome to my blog.

This is a very exciting moment as this is my first blog (and I am not technical at all).

On 6th April I’m going to be doing the Manchester Marathon for Age Cymru, so I thought I’d share all the high’s and low’s of my last weeks of training as well as all the other things I’m having to take into account whilst preparing for the event (I am after all a highly tuned athlete!!).

I hope you’ll join me on what promises to be a action packed build up…be back with an update soon…